How to record cupolas and emotions?

04/06/2018By Kumea SoundCupolist, News

There are many ways to record a cupola. Sometimes too much focus on the technical side can lead away from capturing the right emotion. And sometimes it is exactly what you need. I have produced two albums as Kumea Sound that both have a strong sound design aspect to them. They are not just collections of … Read More

What makes a great sounding handpan?

04/06/2018By Kumea SoundBlog, Cupolist

Three years ago, when I wrote my essay in which I proposed a new general name for handpans*, I had a plan to start writing a regular blog about handpans and my thoughts around them. It never happened, but I’ve come back to the idea lately. Originally I began writing this post some months ago … Read More

Cupola — A short history of a new instrument

04/06/2018By Kumea SoundBlog, Cupolist

Since 2011 my main musical instrument has been the cupola. The essay below is a short response to the question I get nearly every time I perform publically: what is this instrument, where does it come from and what do I call it? In America in the 1930’s, a new instrument was invented, which pushed … Read More