Kumea Sound

2013 Kumea Sound (KUMEA001)

2015 Real Music for Unreal Times (KUMEA003)

2017 Oceans of Sadness, Mountains of Hope (SR008/KUMEA004)

Street Records

Kumea Street Records are handcrafted unofficial CD-R releases that are produced in extremely small batches. They are often improvised and acoustic by nature. Street Records are available only in live situations — digital download versions or a back catalogue do not exist. The albums are packed in a simple yet beautiful, manually folded origami cover.

2012 Improvisations on a Karelian Cupola (SR001)

2012 Temple of Metal (SR002)

2012 Kaiku/Kutsu (SR003)

2013 Darjeeling/Tie/Kara (SR004)

2013 Weaves (SR005)

2014 Ruins (SR006)

2016 Music for Taming Monsters (SR007)

2017 Oceans of Sadness, Mountains of Hope (SR008/KUMEA004)

2018 Triads (SR009)

Hidden Music

Hidden Music are albums that you can't buy or stream anywhere. The only way to get one of these releases is to find one. Numbered editions of 50.

2019 Hidden Music 1: Tokyo (KUMEAHM-01)

2021? Hidden Music 2: London (KUMEAHM-02) (postponed due to COVID-19)