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Kumea Sound is a sonic exploration of deep and resonant sounds & an indie record label run by →Lauri Wuolio. Please follow Kumea Sound on →Twitter and →Facebook to recieve updates about what’s happening!

You can read more about the cupola instrument and its history →here (FIN/EN).

If you’d like to book any of Kumea projects for a concert, drop an email at info (at) kumea.net!


Kumea Sound releases alternative rhythm music that embraces both acoustic and electronic sounds.

(*) Kumea Street Records are handcrafted unofficial CD-R releases that are produced in extremely small batches. They are often improvised and acoustic by nature. Street Records are available only in live situations — digital download versions or a back catalogue do not exist. The albums are packed in a simple yet beautiful, manually folded origami cover.

Real Music for Unreal Times

Real Music for Unreal Times

Real Music for Unreal Times

To be released on vinyl / CD / digital download in early 2015.



Ruins (SR-006)

1. Stringer Bell
2. Empty Lion
3. Stranded
4. Zephyr
5. Radiance
6. Song of Euterpe
7. Ink Orchid
8. Shadow Drift
9. Yalan Kulkia

33 minutes
Released: 5/2014

Kumea Sound


Kumea Sound (KUMEA001)

1. Eye
2. Tantra
3. Kutsu
4. Shijaz
5. Rust Will Eat Them
6. Zentagon Pentagon
7. Twelve Monkeys
8. Frog’n’Bell
9. Apocalypse Disco
10. Kutoja
11. Seawards

55 minutes
Released: 9/2013



Weaves (SR-005)

1. Kutoja
2. Kutsu
3. Sola
4. Weaves

37 minutes
Released: 8/2013



Darjeeling/Tie/Kara (SR-004)

1. Intro
2. Darjeeling I
3. Darjeeling II
4. Darjeeling III
5. Darjeeling IV
6. Darjeeling V
7. Tie I
8. Tie II
9. Tie III
10. Kara

47 minutes
Released: 4/2013



Kaiku/Kutsu (SR-003)

1. Kutsu
4. Oravan laulu
7. Kutsu
10. Kaiku

35 minutes
Released: 7/2012

Temple of Metal*


Temple of Metal (SR-002)

1. Sound of Sovetsky
2. Drum’n’Bell
3. Twelve Monkeys
4. Manual Listening
5. Silence of the Hives

19 minutes
Released: 4/2012

Improvisations on a Karelian Cupola*


Improvisations on a Karelian Cupola (SR-001)

1. I
2. II
3. III
4. IV
5. V (“It’s just like sound…”)
6. VI
7. VII

44 minutes
Released: 3/2012

  • Real Music for Unreal Times

    Real Music for Unreal Times

  • Ruins*


  • Kumea Sound

    Kumea Sound

  • Weaves*


  • Darjeeling/Tie/Kara*


  • Kaiku/Kutsu*


  • Temple of Metal*

    Temple of Metal*

  • Improvisations on a Karelian Cupola*

    Improvisations on a Karelian Cupola*


Lauri Wuolio

Lauri Wuolio

Lauri Wuolio is a Helsinki-based sound artist and a street musician. His solo performances consist of improvised rhythmic textures, where the concepts of a song and linear time are not of much use. Intertwining patterns and themes transform and mutate into long meditative passages that celebrate both repetition and change. Wuolio also performs as Kumea Sound.

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Kumea Sound

Kumea Sound

Kumea Sound is an exploration of deep and resonant sounds lead by Lauri Wuolio. The project focuses on the cupola (handpan) and natural acoustics, but also leaves room for Wuolio’s background in experimental sound art. Kumea Sound performs either amplified or unplugged, depending on the natural acoustics and situation.

The debut album of Kumea Sound was released on 23.10.2013. Click here to listen to it!



Radenja (Ilkka Heinonen, jouhikko & Lauri Wuolio, cupola) draws its inspiration from the Fenno-Ugric spiritual traditions and free improvisation. Their music echoes old hymns, Karelian orthodoxism and the anarchist spirit of eastern natural mystic religions. The raw and touching sounds of jouhikko (Karelian bowed lyre) and cupola guide the listener to the nonelectric side of the 21st century.

The name of the duo refers to a 19th century ritual practiced by a Siberian cult, where the soul was purified through exstatic dance and music. Radenja can mean both “work” and “zeal”.

  • Lauri Wuolio

    Lauri Wuolio

  • Kumea Sound

    Kumea Sound

  • Radenja




7 päivää viralliseen julkaisuun… ENNAKKOTILAA & LATAA UUSI LEVY NYT! Ennakkotilausten postitus alkaa ensi viikolla… Nähdään julkkarikeikalla muutaman viikon päästä (aika ja paikka ilm.myöh.)!
7 days to the official release… PREORDER & DOWNLOAD THE NEW ALBUM NOW! Shipping starts next week… Hope to see you at the release concert in couple of weeks (date and place TBA)!
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February 27, 2015  ·  

Pitkästä aikaa keikalle! Tänään luvassa akustinen setti klo 19:30, tervetuloa! See MoreSee Less

Handpan (Hang) koncert az Õrült Süniben — Real Music for Unreal Times

January 23, 2015, 7:30pm – January 23, 2015, 8:30pm

Crazy Hedgehog Tea House

Come and enjoy the sound of this special instrument! Played by Lauri @ Kumea Sound


Gyertek és élvezzétek ezt a szép és speckó hangzású hangszert! És Laurit, aki játszani fog nekünk.


Belépés ingyenes

January 23, 2015  ·  



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